The child would grow into the world, taking field trips of ever expanding scope. (In addition to studying academic material).

School Scope
Early grade school Neighborhood and community level stuff - learning how local things work.
Middle school Area-wide facilities such as water sources, recycling plants, waste management, sewer treatment.
Early high school Regional tours, e.g. Handford, the source of the Columbia River, significant archeological sites, ...
High School Free trip to the Capitol or other national center of choice.
College Overseas or foreign country experience.

These are just a few examples. Young people would learn about their world outside of school of course, but school would provide behind-the-scenes views of Regional Postal Centers, corrections institution, et cetera, so that they get an appreciation for what their society can do for them. See also my Northwest Field Guide


Level School
Person Baby Ed.
Dwelling Toddler Ed.
Watch Group or Virtual Group Play Group
Neighborhood Play School
Village K-5
Community Middle Schools
Town High Schools
City Colleges
Area, Urban or Rural Universities
Region Large Universities
Nation Institutes,
Continent ?
Planet ?


See Equity in School Funding as one example of ways that relate to this world model.
It takes the whole village to raise a child. African Proverb

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