A collection of continents, oceans, and air that supports life as we know it.

This Pattern Language is under Construction! Please read this NOTE before proceeding.

open space

Outer space, the athmosphere, oceans, the moon.


Transport nodes for interplanetary travel. Internet. Intercontinental travel via ships, planes. World Postal Union. Satellites. Space Stations.


Planetary Intitutes, museums, world heritage sites. Eco-Tourism. World Library. Foodbank. Hubble Space Telescope. Meeting spaces. Holy Places.


conservation ethic. laws of nature. planetary laws. world court. world jails for war and environmental criminals.


World Police!? safety. emergency. shelters. Nation rebuilding.

commerce & industry

World Trade (Center). World Bank. Oil. Natural Resources.


Tariffs? Taxes on international corporations? Economics. Exploitation. United Continents and Nations. World Media.

unique to this level

Ozone depletion, global warming, space exploration.

some good names

Terra Firma, The Good Earth, Mother Earth, Spaceship Earth, ... Send your favorites to me. I will compile them. (Gaia refers inclusively to the godess or life force?)
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