St. Louis

A large city may be a constellation of city centers.
A small city may only be a collection of towns.
There is a culture landscape within a city.

This Pattern Language is under Construction! Please read this NOTE before proceeding.

open space

parks. river fronts. lakeshores. forests (Portand has the largest forested park of any city.)


travel / movement of goods. transport node. kinds of transport edges. shipping/dist. postal. recycling dropoff.


museum, theater, movies, dance. education / school / preschool / daycare. recreation. library. stores (foodbank). resources / access to tools / microscope / internet. meeting places / spaces / rooms. church. cemetery.


laws. courts. jails.


police. fire. safety. emergency. shelters. family services.

commerce & industry

hospital/doctor/pharmacy. manufacturing. services. guild. banks.


taxes/fees. cash flows / economics. citizen involvement ---> elected office. media.

unique to this level


some good names

Send your favorite city names to me. I will compile them.
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