B.E.L.L. (Biogenic Ecodesic Living Lighthouse)

A dwelling is a collection of rooms, some are all connected into one unit. The Dwelling is the fundamental unit of the New World Model.

Many patterns apply to the Dwelling itself, as per A Pattern Language, by C. Alexander.

This Pattern Language is under Construction! Please read this NOTE before proceeding.

open space

The yard, if any, around the Dwelling, including any Private Spaces. The Front Porch. The Great Room. LOL


Each dwelling might have a Parking spot and/or Bike Storage. Walkways and gates between neighbor's public backyards.

Inside: "Loading Dock" where things can be put to be returned to people, stores, etc. Mailbox. Package drop. Recycling station. Garbage Can. Compost bin. Bus schedules customized for local buses.


Family treasures (in trunk or displayed). Home theater. Dancing area. Place for sports and recreation equipment. Home library of fiction and reference. Pantry. Dining Room. Breakfast Bar. Places for brewing beer, making wine, espresso. Shop or space for repairing household items. Internet connection. Place for family meetings. Party place for teens. Personal Altar or Shine. Pet cemetery.


Family rules. Family meetings. Time Out chair.


First Aid Kit, Medicine Cabinet. Landscaping for crime and fire prevention. Fire vault. Fire extinguisher. Fire exit(s). Safety Rules (Officer Murphy). Emergency supply kit, including portable radio and bottled water.

commerce & industry

Savings and Checking accounts. Jobs for all family members.


Allowance. Volunteer Work. Freedom of Speech. Newspaper. Television and Internet used responsibly.

unique to this level

Many kinds of dwellings - from prefab to custom. Trailers, Mobile Homes, RV's, Quonset Hut, Dymaxion, Yurt, Tipi, Dome, Pyramid, ferro-concrete dome, right on up to the affluent street of dreams.

some good names

Bad Manors. Gravy Palace. Falling Water. Xanadu. Send your favorite dwelling names to me. I will compile them.
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