Areas — Urban, Rural, ...

The Portland Oregon Metro Area

Areas can be rural, marine, urban (a metropolitan area or large city), recreational, industrial, native reserves, wilderness, or military. Regional prisons could be in small "criminal" areas.

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The City (URBAN AREA) is also called a Metropolitan Area.

The County (RURAL AREA) is typically the developed natural areas with farms or all kinds, nurserys, working forests.

Wilderness is completely untouched natural area, or an area we wish to set aside undeveloped.

Industrial Areas.

Recreational Areas are developed to a lesser or greater extent for fishing, hunting, touring, camping, hiking, boating, skiing, climbing, etc.

Native Areas are set aside for native culture, developed or primitive.

Military Areas have bases, testing grounds, etc. Would be nice to use these resource for peacful purposes.

Marine Areas are lakes, large rivers, sounds, and bays where water transportation and navigation is used within or close to a continent or large island. A sound may contain islands with communities or towns on them. Marine areas are just a special type of rural area surrounding and separating places.

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