Scope of the New World Model

This work is about what is possible to do. It is not so much about what is wrong with the way we currently do things. I think it would be a waste of time to enumerate all that is wrong with our current lifestyle, political and social organization, the waste, and so on.

Besides, each person has plenty of ideas about what is wrong, and because it would be nearly an unedning task. I have been to lectures by well-meaning people, where they spend the first hour being critical of the status quo, making jokes about how bad things are, only to see them run out of time, and say and we're not going to make and of those mistakes. OK, so tell me what you are going to do! They usually do better in the Q&A period when given tangible questions to respond to. So here, I intend to stick with tangible systems and concepts, and less with theory or whining.

(The only place I do go wrong, is where I compare this model to the way transit is currently implemented, for illustrative purposes.)

This work is about ways of doing things — some may be similar to the way we do things now, — but doing them right instead of spending half of our resources on hacked together complexes of agencies, lawyers, convoluted systems of laws, etc. If we could take care of the mundane aspects of living on earth (the basic systems) in a strraight-forward way, we could use our remaining resources on important human needs. This is pure Buckminster Fuller, Spaceship Earth.

If you look at other cultures and countries, you will see some systems resembling those here. A compendium of such around the world would be huge (and awesome).

Many issues can be addressed from this model, for example:

The Global Address itself is a application of the nested levels of organization of nature and culture. If these patterns really do exist, shouldn't our systems be designed around them?

Many issues cannot be directly addressed through this model:

Food is distributed to starving people, but still people are starving. However, indirectly, I think this world model could improve many such situations (for example):

You may think I am naive, but this is our "Great Work", to find a way to co-exist with nature on the planet.

"Once we are clear on these issues we can move forward with our historical destiny, to create a mutually enhancing mode of human dwelling on the planet Earth."

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