Starbucks at Dupont Circle

There may be all kinds of small shops in the neighborhood -- Coffee shop, barber shop, salon, grocery, clothing, restaurant, bakery, tavern, etc. In a rural area, this could be a business like anywhere else, or it could be an argricultural production unit (farm).

Larger shops, businesses, and public agencies serve higher levels.

This Pattern Language is under Construction! Please read this NOTE before proceeding.

open space

patio, yard, mall.


Shopping cart, basket. aisles. loading dock. mailboxes. recycling bins and dumpsters.


Shop till you drop. This is where business and commerce takes place.


business laws. business courts. white and blue collar jails.


Security, Safety, Fire crews. Survellience Cameras.

commerce & industry

The shop is the building block of commerce.


Could be a Vermont country store or a speak easy where ideas are discussed. Could be a campaign office.

unique to this level

some good names

Send your favorite shop names to me. I'll compile.
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