This is the equivalent of a person in the business world. A unit of commerce. It could be a family farm. A corporation... but not with Citizen United freedom of speech or human rights.

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open space

Business opportunities (create and maintain). Openings in the market place (capitalize).


Work Flow. Cash Flow. Commodity, parts, product flow.


A good business attitude. Family-oriented employer. No discrimination, no harassment. Good communication with customers, clients, other businesses, and the neighborhood.


Truth in Advertizing. Obey Business Laws. Play Fair. Support Business courts. Stay out of Jail. Do not create monopolies.


The Small Business Association is available locally, a national resource. Many other associations in the business world, such as ...

commerce & industry



taxes/fees. economics. Involvement in business watch group. media.

unique to this level

First dollar taken in pinned up for good luck.

some good names

Send your favorites to me. I will compile them.
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