Confirming the Model

I have inches of newspaper clippings. I have boxes of notes and literature. The scores of newspaper articles are about various issues where such a framework would aid their resolution, or about people calling for comprehensive solutions rather than band-aids. (Too many.)

As a means of confirmation, I hope to interpret (in writing) current events and issues using this model after it is more fully articulated. I prefer that these interpretations have their own space, cross-referenced to this, rather than be mixed in throughout. (This will my World Remixed Blog, rebooted.)

The primary driving force of this construction is the continual appearance of local, regional, national, and global situations that could benefit from a comprehensive world view. The test of a world view is how compellingly it addresses such real issues. If these ideas can be applied each time a system is reviewed or updated, we will move incrementally toward a new world.

Others have been working on similar models and patterns for decades. I also have books that are pretty right-on-the-mark.

What's Next?

Google is a great resource to me on this now in 2002, but I my full-time job doesn't afford me the kind of time it takes to do research, think, and write.

In Jungian terms, I believe these notions are part of the collective unconcious and are gradually coming into our concious life as better ways to do things, and so I do not have my ego invested in this model. No part of it is complete! There should be no doubt, however, that something like it is becoming reality, all on its own.

A Note on Myself

As a single person, in 1984 I went into neighborhood activism, into a coalition of neighborhoods, onto county-wide and regional citizen participation committees, a bioregional conference, futures forums, and so on.. (See the background & history section for how the model got started before all that.)

I married in August, 1989 and retreated into family life and parenthood. I figured that before it was all over, I'd need to develop the model from the dwelling/family level on up, anyway. Indeed, building a new world begins at home.

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