Bibliography and Links for the New World Model

Garden Cities 21, Creating a Livable Urban Environment, John Ormsbee Simonds, McGraw Hill, 1994. This book comes pretty close to my world view.

A City is Not a Tree, by Christopher Alexander, Architectural Forum, Vol 122, No 1&2, April 1965.

A Pattern Language, 1977, Christopher Alexander.

The Nature of Order, Christopher Alexander, In progress. This work is going to be multi-volumed. See Nikos Salingaros notes on The Nature of Order.

The NINE NATIONS of NORTH AMERICA, by Joel Garreau, 1981.

A 16 State Nation, Stanley Brunn.
STALE Link: Sorry.

University of Kentucky, College of Arts & Sciences | Geography [LINK] .

11 Nations of the United States - Colin Woodard identifies 11 distinct cultures that have historically divided the US. (Cultural Regions? --jm)

New RulesDesigning Rules as if Community Matters.

Designing APM Circulator Systems for Major Activity Centers. - Automated People Movers for downtown areas, airports, etc. (I'm not sure I am sold on this concept.)


TIP for 2002. - (Or 2022 for that matter!) Go to their site map and find Transportation Improvement Plan.

Federal Transit Administration

FTA National Transit GIS: Data Standards, Guidelines and Recommended Practices.


An article in Scientific American is Uban Planning in Curitiba, March 1996. It describes a system of parallel road/busways, with a bus system employing four scales of bus technology. Bicycle and Pedestrian paths are also integrated. I don't know if there is a computer model of this.

Neil Pearce article and criticism.

Curitiba, Brasil. Land Use/Transport

Curitiba, Brazil: The Roads Not Taken, by Stephen Leahy, Sustainable Times (a webzine), Canada.

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