This was part of the General Systems Theory class report written in 1977. Oringal text to be added ASAP. JM 3/97, 5/97, 3/98... 10/02!
Distribution follows the same principle as transportation. Freight and passenger could even share some of the same delivery lines. Distribution should be thought of as a packet switching network with safe data types mixing freely. For example, a tank of fresh water could be a useful distribution unit in some dry places. Mail could be carried if the system had integrity.

Pure Heavy industrial areas are distinct from residential and heavy freight is handled with differing technologies. But small scale (lightweight) industry workers could flowing in and out on mixed transportation routes. No zip codes or postal codes necessary - just a global address as above.

Business moving items to market and delivering to site of consumption using trains, ships, planes, trucks, vans, UPS, jeeps.

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